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How VAT applies to printed items

The Edinburgh Copyshop is a VAT registered business, so we need to collect tax on certain items from our pricelist but the rules on printed matter are complex and some items can sit on the fine line between definitions for a standard-rated item and a zero-rated item. This means we will often need to assess… Read More »How VAT applies to printed items

How do Pantone and CMYK differ

Pantone is revered by some designers as the gold-standard in colour. Beautifully coffee mugs and hefty swatch books promise perfect accuracy to those who set up their files with spot colours and shun the crowded waters of CMYK or even RGB in the hope of ensuring exactly the same tone every time they print. And… Read More »How do Pantone and CMYK differ

Why margins are important

Why do margins matter so much more in print than on the screen when it seems intuitive to place content anywhere on a design using digital software? The realities of manufacturing means you could be setting yourself up a print disaster if you push text or design elements out to the sides. Margins have been… Read More »Why margins are important