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Preparing PDF files

Preparing .pdf files for print

Adobe InDesign can export .pdf files in different ways. One important difference for print is the choice between reading spreads and single pages.

What are single-page documents?

Single page documents show the design as a single page of the document as a single .pdf page. Where the design runs across a fold they may look ‘cut-off’. They can make it difficult to visualise print layouts on digital screens.

What are reading spreads?

Reading spreads are 2 or more pages of the document rendered as a single .pdf page. They let readers get a sense of how the pages of a booklet once it is printed before it is sent to production.

How should I present my files?

.pdf files should always be presented for print as individual pages. We have access to software designed to convert these pages in to collated booklets in the correct order for the binding style required.

What if I only have reading spreads?

If you are able to re-export your document as individual pages we would advise you to do so, you can then re-submit your artwork for print.

If you are on a tight deadling and only have access to the reading spreads of your document we may be able to help with our spread-splitter software. We are not liable for any changes or errors with your file after it has been processed by this software.

Our spread-splitter software is password protected. Please ask a member of our team to assist you.